Mevabite Cashew 250g

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Interesting, Different Uses of Mevabite Cashews:

Great Addition to Curries

By adding Mevabite cashews to curries, one can elevate the taste and texture of your dish by leaps and bounds! Just a handful can magnify the creamy, velvety richness of your curry and make it an absolutely delectable dish from what would have otherwise been an average one.

Use Them in Your Shakes & Smoothies

As Mevabite cashews add a ton of health benefits and a silky texture without any overwhelming additional flavour, they’re perfect for all your shakes and smoothies!

Top Off Your Desserts!

Add a handful of Mevabite cashews to your cakes, muffins or any baked goods for that delicious nutty crunch in every bite, which can upgrade your dessert from being just good to absolutely phenomenal.