Baby Brand Pure Hing Crystals

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 Recipe Handed over generation to Generation

Hing or Asafoetida is extracted from several species of Ferula, native to Afghanistan and it's neighbouring regions and then has to be carefully processed . Using a blend of traditional methods and modern technologies, we create products so unique and impeccable that even we can't better them. These recipes have been handed over from generation to generation and require both hard-work and a colossal amount of passion to be perfectly effectuated. Presenting you the finest Hing.


We are the importer , Manufacturer and processor of almost all Hing available in India. Our Hing comes straight from the source. Depending upon the crop and seasonality, we choose the best possible Asafoetida base for our Hing. Stringent quality control processes are put in place to assure freshness and flavour. Taking it a notch further, each batch is tasted and tested several times to make sure that the flavours, the textures and the aroma are suitable for our clients, who want nothing but the best.

Baby Brand Asafoetida Crystals is a secret superfood which will not only enhance the flavour and aroma of your food but also has numerous health benefits.

Guaranteed Pure and Hygeinic: Coming Directly from the Importers & manufacturers, Baby Brand Hing is Guaranteed to be the Purest packaged Hing available in the market. The Hing milk is sourced directly from Tazakistan,Uzbekistand and is processed in 100% Automated Facility to provide you 100% Natural, Hygienic and Healthy Heeng product.

Cooking Properties: Once cooked, Baby Brand Hing releases an Onion-Garlic like flavour which makes it an essential ingredient in vegetarian and vegan foods. It also goes well with the non-vegetarian dishes like rogan josh, rista etc. South Indian Sambhar or Curd rice are incomplete without a Hing Tadka.

Usage: Only a Pinch of Baby Brand Hing Crystals is enough to impart the flavour, aroma and benefits of Hing to the food. Baby Brand Hing Asafoetida can also be used as a digestive aid, in food as a condiment, and in pickling. It is sometimes used to harmonize sweet, sour, salty, and spicy components in food.